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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull | ‘I’m going to go to the next election and win it’

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been hit with his 30th straight Newspoll loss, the same standard he used to oust Tony Abbott from the top job in 2015.

This morning, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott challenged Mr Turnbull to explain why he should remain leader in the wake of the loss.

“It really is something for Malcolm to explain, why it applied for me but shouldn’t apply now,” Mr Abbott told Ray Hadley.

After dodging Ben Fordham’s questions about the “elephant in the room” the Prime Minister finally made an admission.

“I do regret referring to the Newspoll when I made that speech.”

Despite calls for Mr Turnbull to step down, he’s adamant he won’t be resigning.

“I’m going to go to the next election and win it.

“What the polls show us is… right now the government and the opposition are somewhere between even-stevens. It’s very close.

“The election is very winnable. It’s all there to play for.”

Mr Turnbull took a question from a listener who didn’t hold back.

“Mr Turnbull, you drew a line in the sand back in those days when you rolled Tony Abbott,” listener Wayne says. “I think you should do the honourable thing, resign.”

“Thanks Wayne for the advice. I don’t propose to take it, however.”

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