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Abbott challenges Turnbull after 30th straight Newspoll loss

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Tony Abbott has again challenged Malcolm Turnbull to explain why he should remain leader, after hitting 30 Newspoll losses.

It’s the same benchmark the Prime Minister cited as his reason for knifing Mr Abbott back in 2015.

Ray Hadley asks the former PM why there shouldn’t be an immediate leadership spill.

“If it’s a trigger to get rid of one Prime minister, why can’t it be a trigger to get rid of a second Prime Minister?”

Mr Abbott admits that’s a fair point.

“That’s a question that really should be posed to the person who made polls the metric. I never did make polls the metric.

“I thought the important thing was winning elections and in two elections I took 25 seats off the Labor Party and that is what really counts not opinion polls.

“It really is something for Malcolm to explain, why it applied for me but shouldn’t apply now.

“The other issues that he sometimes cites, let me just deal with them Ray.

“He sometimes says it was necessary to get rid of the democratically elected Prime Minister to restore cabinet government, well I ran a perfectly orthodox cabinet government.

“The other point sometimes made is there was no clear economic narrative, well I completely reject that.”

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