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Premier Berejiklian reveals her first task after historic election victory

The NSW Coalition has secured enough seats to form a majority government.

Counting continues, but it looks likely the Nationals will retain the seat of Dubbo and the Liberals are expected to keep East Hills.

That would take the government to 49 seats, two more than the 47 needed.

Gladys Berejiklian has joined Alan Jones in studio, days after becoming the first woman elected as Premier of New South Wales.

Ms Berejiklian says the first order of business is to pick a new cabinet.

“I think when you’re putting together a new cabinet you need a mix of experience and new blood as well,” says the Premier.

“And that’s the balance I’ll hope to strike Alan.

“I’m spoilt for choice. I’ve got a very, very strong team of people from whom to choose.

“And that will be my biggest stress this week, putting together the best team and putting my best foot forward.”

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Following the historic victory, Alan Jones questioned Ms Berejijlian on what her greatest strengths and weaknesses are.

The Premier opened up with an intriguing self-assessment.

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