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Police now armed with semi-automatic rifles to combat terrorism

Macquarie National News

Specialist NSW Police officers will be armed with military-style machine guns from today to better to protect the community.

47 officers from the Public Order and Riot Squad have completed training and have been issued with the first Colt M4 rifles as part of the initial roll-out.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says, “officers have undergone rigorous training in order to be armed with the rifles on the streets of Sydney”.

“The community can expect to see officers carrying these weapons in public on occasion, whilst other times, the weapons will be close at hand.

“I don’t want the public to feel confronted, but I want them not only be safe, but to also feel safe.”

Deputy Commissioner Investigations and Counter Terrorism Dave Hudson says the rifles provide officers with a greater strategic scope when responding to high-risk incidents.

“This rollout is part of the NSW Police Force’s plan to strengthen its response to terrorist violence by arming police.”

Minister for Police Troy Grant welcomes the first stage of the rollout in the lead up to one of Sydney’s busiest periods, Christmas and New Year.

“The unfortunate reality of terror attacks around the world means there is a growing acceptance within the community that we need heavily-armed police to be able to be deployed when and where they are needed.

“This Government will leave no stone unturned when it comes to keeping the community safe.”

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Macquarie National News