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Police Minister blames ‘rogue operators’ for threat of another lockdown

Another lockdown could be on the horizon, as the cluster associated with Casula’s Crossroads Hotel grows to 21 confirmed cases.

NSW Police Minister David Elliott told Jim Wilson patrons of pubs and restaurants need to take some personal responsibility for outbreaks.

He said it’s “citizenship logic 101” to maintain social distancing, and avoid venues where restrictions aren’t being adhered to.

“What we saw out the front of the Golden Sheaf the other night was a classic example of people just thinking that we’re through this.

“But we’re not through this.”

Mr Elliott also called out the minority of venues threatening to grind the whole hospitality industry to a halt again.

“I’ve been horrified … seeing, particularly the elderly, all huddled in together in cafes and coffee shops.

“It’s been an appalling practice from some rogue operators.”

Asked about the threat of restrictions returning in NSW, the Police Minister admitted it’s a huge concern of his.

“I don’t think it’s inevitable Jim, but if you’re asking me what’s keeping me awake at night, yes it is … the whole concept of going back into lockdown.

“Some of these industries will just not recover.”

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Image: Nine News