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Police Commissioner making inroads in the war on drugs

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Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says Regional Enforcement Squads are making a big difference in cracking down on drugs in crime-hit rural towns.

13 men have been charged following yesterday’s raids across the NSW Central West, including a major bust in the tiny village of Neville revealed exclusively by Ray Hadley.

Mr Fuller tells Ray regional squads have opened at Bathurst, Wagga Wagga and Tamworth — and they’re working on another further north.

“We’ll be very close to the Queensland border because we know criminals will drift in and out of NSW.

“They care not for boundaries and we need to have that sort of flexibility where we can chase them anywhere they are.

“The Regional Enforcement Squads, like a spider web or like those tentacles, will reach out right across the state of NSW and there’ll be nowhere to hide.”

The Commissioner also backed Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s deportation of serious criminals out of the country.

“When we talk about Minister Dutton and him punting people from the country who are undesirables.

“The strategy about getting some of these undesirables out of our state, it is a positive one.”

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