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The debate for Australia building nuclear power plants

Earlier this week, the LNP member for Hinkler Keith Pitt, along with his Coalition colleagues, called for a national inquiry into the feasibility of having a nuclear powered energy industry.

Creating much need debate, Michael is joined by Robert Parker, president of the Australian Nuclear Association whose website states the following…

‘Nuclear energy is ready to make a valuable contribution to low emission dispatchable generation for Australia. It supplies 10% of the world’s electricity safely, reliably, cleanly and economically as exemplified by France, South Korea, China and all OECD nations, but remains illegal in Australia, although Australian uranium contributes to international power generation and Australia is a world leader in nuclear medicines’.

The link below is to a video of the signing of a declaration that was presented to the Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in Vancouver on 28 May.

This declaration is by 42 nuclear associations, united in one voice, calling for doubling the R&D funds for nuclear energy to meet the challenge of climate change.

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