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‘We don’t want handouts’: Farmer left with no Plan B calls for long-term solution

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Farmer Jamie Warden sent Ben Fordham these photos of his property which has been devastated by the drought.

His farm in Walgett, just south of the New South Wales and Queensland border, has been run dry and is now just a dust bowl.

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Today Defence Minister Marise Payne said military trucks and planes will be made available to help farmers.

This follows a further $500 million from state government for drought relief.

“This is all good news, don’t get me wrong,” says Ben Fordham.

“But just throwing money at our farmers and offering subsidies, is that the only way to fix the problem?”

Jamie says he’s grateful the government is waking up to the problem but he wants more attention placed on long-term solutions.

He tells Ben droughtproof plans need to be implemented.

“We have this conversation every five or six years.

“It just seems to me the government will throw this $500 million around but it’s a band-aid. Let’s look at some major infrastructure that we need to implement to try and droughtproof the place.”

Jamie says he’s not afraid of hard work, but it’s now reached a point where he doesn’t “have a plan B”.

“We’re up for the challenge… we’ll be here for the long haul.

“I just think that governments need to be able to give us tax breaks… we don’t want handouts, we don’t want it all paid for.”

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