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Peter Beattie calls out state Premiers

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Former Queensland Premier Peter Beattie has implored the Premiers to open their borders for the good of the nation. 

He told Deborah Knight there might be some in the Labor party who would be “cranky” with him for speaking out on the eve of the Queensland election, but it was time to “act as Australians.”

“This is more than party politics, this is about the future of Australia.

“As a country, we have to open up, otherwise there will be all sorts of repercussions in terms of mental illness, there will be difficulties in terms of jobs, jobs growth.

“This is about saying we need to open our borders in the interest of Australia.

“We are in a unique position [in Australia]: we should take that as a marketing opportunity and a promotional opportunity for us long term, that’s why we have to act as a country long term, not a collection of states.”

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