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Pauline Hanson ‘demonstrated leadership… lacking in other parties’: Alan Jones

Alan Jones says the Liberals have gifted government to Bill Shorten with their kneejerk preference decision.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced he will preference One Nation lower than Labor in the upcoming federal election.

“The Liberal Party has lost its judgment,” says Alan Jones.

“I never thought I’d see the day that the Liberal Party would preference the Labor Party and The Greens ahead of anybody, let alone One Nation.”

Scott Morrison’s announcement followed a damning Al Jazeera investigation featuring One Nation staffers.

The video aired on the ABC has caused the Liberal Party to produce a kneejerk response in hopes of winning an election.

“The Labor Party are laughing and thinking of the Liberals what suckers,” says Alan.

Pauline Hanson faced the media on Thursday and strongly denied the recordings implicated her and senior officials, calling it “heaving edited”.

Alan is urging those who have not yet watched Pauline Hanson’s response in full to do so.

WATCH the full unedited press conference below:

“I thought it was outstanding,” says Alan.

“She certainly demonstrated leadership that seems to be lacking in other parties.”

Ms Hanson challenged Ita Buttrose, the new chairwoman of the ABC, to release the unedited Al Jazeera footage and let the full story be told.

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