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Pauline Hanson calls for entire $4.2b foreign aid budget to be redirected

Pauline Hanson is calling for Australia’s multi-billion dollar foreign aid budget to be redirected to those currently suffering through floods, drought and bushfires.

Graziers in North Queensland are only just beginning the mammoth cleanup process, with hundreds of thousands of cattle killed by flood waters.

Elsewhere, farmers are at breaking point as the nation’s worst ever drought continues.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson will take her plan to parliament today, telling Alan Jones we must help our own before looking overseas.

“I’m going to put up on the floor today a notice of motion that we stop the foreign aid that’s going to be set down in the budget, of approximately $4.2 billion…

“And redirect it back into helping the Australian people [affected by] the drought, the fire, the flood.

“We need a national disaster fund!”

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Listener Sarah rang in from Melbourne expressing her disgust with the political response to the floods in North Queensland.

She tells Alan her parents have been trapped in Townsville for weeks now.

“As a child from three states away it’s been absolutely gut-wrenching the last two weeks.

“To be in and out of contact with your parents and have them say to, ‘if the water gets any higher, we’re going to just jump on the roof’.

“Our parliament has a duty of care to Australians.

“And to see our parliament argue a refugee policy throughout yesterday and take up time when there should be a national disaster declared.

“It’s absolutely horrific.”