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Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham respond to cynics who say they’ll fail

In studio with Ben Fordham

Mark Latham and One Nation leader Pauline Hanson are rubbishing suggestions their new political partnership will be shortlived.

The former Labor leader announced he’s returning to politics and joining One Nation on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show this morning.

Mr Latham will lead the party in New South Wales and will run for a seat in the upper house of state parliament next year.

But some are cynical about the relationship, speculating that it may not survive.

Senator Hanson tells Ben Fordham they’re a “great mix”.

“I think people want true leadership, they want strong personalities in parliament.

“I think it’s a great mix and we can work well together.

“I’ll keep my nose out of New South Wales… I want him as state leader and I want him to make those decisions for the state.”

Mr Latham, who joined his leader in studio, also shut down suggestions their relationship will break down.

“We don’t have to shake on it, we know what we’re going.”

When it comes to state politics, Mr Latham says he wants to focus on policy that the two major parties have been neglecting.

“I want to put forward policy solutions that Liberal and Labor have overlooked for many, many decades.”

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In studio with Ben Fordham