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EXCLUSIVE | Mark Latham returning to politics with Pauline Hanson

Former federal Labor leader Mark Latham has revealed he’s returning to politics, joining Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party.

Mr Latham and Ms Hanson chose to make the announcement exclusively on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show.

Mr Latham will lead One Nation in New South Wales and run for a seat in the upper house of state parliament.

He tells Alan Jones why he’s returning to the political arena, almost 14 years after resigning as opposition leader.

“I’m doing that for the reason that One Nation has the policies and New South Wales certainly needs a third choice.

“Labor and Liberal are on the nose so when you talk about issues like immigration, congestion and overdevelopment in Sydney.

“Failings in the education system, political correctness, divisive identity politics, electricity prices have gone through the roof.

“These are all big issues that are banking up.”

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Pauline Hanson says Latham is the perfect partner to help her take on the major parties in both state and federal politics.

“I’m so proud to have Mark on board and it’s going to be so beneficial to the people of NSW to have him as state leader here.

“With myself being in the federal arena and Mark in the state leading the team that means these major political parties here won’t have it their own way.

“We will actually make them work.”

Mark Latham and Pauline Hanson seal the deal with a handshake