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Oh crap! This bogger jogger is on the run

Oh dear, Sydney has a bogger jogger on the run.

A woman has been busted on CCTV dropping her dacks and doing a poo outside a liquor store in Pyrmont.

In the early hours of the morning, a blonde female runner was caught on camera pooing at the rear of the Porter’s Liquor.

The Sunday Telegraph reports the store’s manager Phil Pembroke initially thought the scene was the fault of a large dog.

But after discovering toilet paper at the soiled scene, he decided to check the cameras.

And what he found was quite the surprise.

Warning: The images below may be too bizarre for some readers

“Honestly, what’s the world come to?” says Ben Fordham.

“We’ve got a poo jogger on the loose in Pyrmont!

“This is our backyard, I mean, this is our neighbourhood!”

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Images: The Sunday Telegraph

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