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NSW hospital rejects $15m in funding from coal mining company

A Central Coast hospital has knocked back millions in funding because it comes from a local coal mining company.

The $14.8-million offer, made to Wyong Hospital, comes from the local Wallarah 2 Coal Project.

But the hospital’s board has rejected the funding, likening it to “taking money from a tobacco company”.

Wyong Hospital has been riddled with scandals, such as when they failed to notice a toddler’s broken neck after a car crash last year.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard tells Ray Hadley although it’s not a decision he agrees with, there’s nothing he can do short of sacking the board.

“I did raise this issue when it came across my desk late last year… it wasn’t something which perhaps I would’ve agreed with, but I also recognise that the local health district and the board is independent under the legislation.

“I will query with them and actually talk to them about it again.”

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Image: Getty/CraigRJD