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No end in sight as petrol prices reach sky-high levels

If you’ve filled your petrol tank up lately, you may have noticed you’re spending more than usual.

Petrol prices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne have soared to well above $1.60 a litre.

Victoria’s capital city has even seen prices reach $1.70 a litre, the highest in over a decade.

Peter Khoury from the NRMA tells Chris Kenny there’s no respite on the horizon for motorists.

He says cuts to oil production and trade tensions between America, Iran and Russia have kept prices high.

“When you look globally, there is little respite on the way. It’s hard to see any of those issues alleviating in the short term.”

Mr Khoury is urging motorists to beat the volatile market by shopping around because there are bargains out there.

New South Wales motorists can access the NRMA app to find lower prices.

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