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New laws stripping rights of Queensland farmers could go ahead

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New laws which could overhaul the rights of farmers to clear their own land could be passed as early as today.

The changes to legislation proposed by the Palaszczuk Government will further restrict what farmers can clear on their own land.

On Tuesday, hundreds of farmers left their properties and descended on Queensland Parliament to protest the reforms.

Katter’s Australian Party State Leader Robbie Katter says the science heralded by conservationists is “flawed” and politics has gotten “in the road of good government”.

“The government’s got an agenda. I think it could be one of those watermark issues,” he tells Ray Hadley.

“This is one that will stick to these regional MPs who are not sticking up for their electorates and their regions.”

Mr Katter says those who care most about the environment are the people, the farmers, “that live amongst it”.

“We always hold out hope that someone will grow a conscience in this parliament and vote with the science and vote with the rationale, not just the party politics.”

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Image: AGForce Queensland