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‘My heart truly breaks’: RFS boss Shane Fitzsimmons opens up on bushfire crisis


Shane Fitzsimmons has been the man at the forefront of the fight against the devastating bushfires blazing through the state.

The Rural Fire Service Commissioner has been responsible for managing the emergency situation as thousands of volunteers fight to save lives and properties in fire-ravaged communities.

Mr Fitzsimmons has held funerals to honour volunteers who died fighting fires and has presented toddlers with medals in honour of their fathers.

He tells Luke Grant that the current situation can take a toll on him.

“The reality is I don’t hold it together all the time.

“I know I’ve got a role to do and there’s a lot expected of me… but at the end of the day, I’m human.

“I would not wish that sort of role on anybody, no one wants to see one of their work colleagues, one of their family members, lost in such tragic circumstances.

“My heart truly breaks for what’s happening.”

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Image: Getty/Jason McCawley