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Morrison government is ‘scrambling’ over anti-corruption watchdog, says Cory Bernardi

In an embarrassing about-face, the federal government has been forced to agree to a national anti-corruption watchdog.

The government has previously spoken against the need for a National Integrity Commission.

But it’s now been forced to support the move in parliament, because it no longer has the numbers to block it.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the issue is on the government’s agenda but is still being considered by Cabinet,

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi tells Ben Fordham, “of course it’s a backflip”.

“The government are scrambling to take hold of the agenda, and they realised this one was going to get away from them, so they’ve had no choice but to back it in.”

Senator Bernardi has also taken a swipe at the political arena, saying, “there’s no consistency in politics anymore”.

“There seems to be a die-hard lack of principal. It’s whatever it takes to get the outcome that you want and to preserve your job for a little bit longer.

“I think that’s doing us all a disservice.”

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