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Minister vows to ‘humiliate’ those involved in prison sex allegations

An independent task force will be set up to investigate allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour between prison guards and inmates revealed on The Ray Hadley Morning Show.

A female guard at Kempsey jail has been suspended and is being investigated for allegedly having an affair with police killer Sione Penisini.

A man jailed over hitting and killing a pedestrian is also accused of having sex with an officer in Long Bay prison’s gym.

Corrections Minister David Elliott promised Ray Hadley this morning he would introduce tougher penalties for guards caught having relationships with inmates.

He has since vowed to increase penalties for prison guards and inmates who engage in sexual behaviour and will establish a whistleblower’s hotline.

Mr Elliott tells Ben Fordham he has “taken the view this could be systematic”.

He says the task force will investigate the actions of former and serving officers since 2007.

“I’ve made it very clear, this has gone on, obviously, long enough.”

Mr Elliot says the whistleblower’s hotline was introduced because people have lost “faith in the system”.

“I do not begrudge anybody that goes to Ray Hadley.

“That’s obviously been done because they feel they have no faith in the system.

He gives an “ironclad guarantee” people will be made accountable for their misconduct.

“I want those people that have breached the trust of the corrections system, and the people of  New South Wales, to be humiliated.”

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