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Minister calls for government funding to be pulled from ‘pro-green legal group’

Resources Minister Matt Canavan is calling for taxpayer funding to be pulled from an ecoactivist group roadblocking projects across the country.

Last year, the Environmental Defenders Office NSW (EDO) received $260,000 from the state government.

But Minister Canavan tells Chris Smith group is an “anti-development organisation”.

“They’re being weaponised by taxpayers funds, your listeners’ funds.

“[EDO] doesn’t represent the community’s views.”

“I don’t know why we’d be giving resources to an outfit which actively campaigns against projects with are supported by the government.”

The Minister says he’s “never seen an example EDO actually defending the environment”.

“They’re not out there doing practical environment work to repair riverbanks or protect koalas.

“These guys seek to use and abuse the court system to hold up projects.”

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