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Michael Daley filmed attacking Asian migration, Premier calls out ‘rank hypocrisy’

The government is seizing on Michael Daley’s remarks denouncing Asian migration ahead of Saturday’s state election.

The then-deputy Opposition was filmed at a Blue Mountains community meeting saying young people are being forced to flee Sydney because Asian migrants are taking their jobs.

See Michael Daley’s comments below – runs until 2:05

Two months later he held a Chinese-only media conference, praising their contribution to Sydney.

Mr Daley has now apologised saying, “I could have expressed myself better”.

“I meant no offence and hope none has been taken. I apologise if any offence is taken.”

Premier Gladys Berejiklian tells Ray Hadley “this is just another example of rank hypocrisy”.

“Saying one thing to one group of people and then the exact opposite to another group.

“What the public want to know is that you’re authentic, that you stand for something and that you’re fair dinkum.”

“And he’s just shown that he’ll say anything to get elected and I don’t think that’s deserving of a premier.”

Some are calling the remarks racist and xenophobic but Ray believes it’s just pure stupidity.

“I don’t think Michael Daley’s racist but I think he’s stupid, I think he’s hypocritical and I think he’s not worthy of being the NSW Premier.”

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