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Massive report calls to criminalise hazing at Australian universities

A 200-page report lifts the lid on shocking hazing rituals at university colleges.

Produced by the action group End Rape on Campus, The Red Zone report details years of institutionalised hazing in residential colleges.

Author of the report, Nina Funnell, is calling for hazing rituals at colleges to be criminalised, saying the toxic culture is providing dangerous and, in some cases, fatal.

Stuart Kelly took his own life in July 2016, months after attending St Paul’s College and the University of Sydney.

His parents, Ralph and Kathy, believe something catastrophic happened during Stuart’s residency, but the college has refused to investigate.

Alan Jones speaks with Matthew Lesh from the Institute of Public Affairs.

“What we’ve found is the University of Sydney has taken, between students and staff and academics, has taken extraordinary action to silence people.

“It was revealed the University of Sydney was selectively charging security to conservative students that weren’t being charged to the students.”

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