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Mark Levy slams drug advocate magistrate

393 were killed on NSW roads last year, with drug drivers overtaking drink drivers as those responsible for more crashes.

After a tragic spate of fatalities across the Christmas and New Year period, Mark Levy is calling for tougher penalties on repeat offenders and is pushing for a change to laws which allow people on methadone to legally get behind the wheel.

NSW Minister for Roads Melinda Pavey told Mark drivers are legally allowed to drive with the drug in their system but not ‘under the influence’.

The latest statistics show between 2012 and 2016 drink driving accounted for 16% of fatal crashes while drug driving caused 18%.

Mobile testing can only screen drivers for methamphetamine and cannabis but the NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller is pushing to include cocaine in roadside testing.

But separate statements from drug advocate and Lismore Magistrate David Heilpern aren’t helping the cause.

“This is the problem with the legal system, let’s make it easier for pot smokers to drive a car.”

“I would like everyone using drugs, really responsibly.”

Mark Levy claims this attitude is a disgrace, “They are direct quotes from Magistrate David Heilpern who’s now sitting in court, ruling on cases involving drug drivers.”

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Mark Levy