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Minister for Roads says methadone users can legally get behind the wheel

Following the tragic road toll this holiday season, it’s been revealed methadone users are legally allowed to drive.

NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey tells Mark Levy it’s not illegal to drive with methadone in your system but it’s illegal to drive ‘under the influence’ of methadone.

“There are warnings on medication. If you are involved in an accident and it’s proven you may have been affected by whatever prescription or other drug is in your system, you are liable.”

Since the beginning of Operation Safe Arrival, 28 people have died on NSW roads with seven people killed on Queensland roads over the Christmas break.

The Minister says although the number of fatalities on our roads has improved, the government can only do so much.

“We will never, ever be able to stop stupid people behaving badly. That is the risk whenever we get in the car.”

Mark also spoke with James Pitts, who once headed a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic, to find out whether people should be able to drive with methadone in their system.

“I think it should be a cautionary note because it is an opioid and it can cause drowsiness. But if it’s prescribed in appropriate doses then it shouldn’t necessarily be a problem.”

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