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Mark Latham’s big win in NSW parliament

The NSW government is backing a plan to increase the required ATAR for aspiring teachers to 70.

It comes after NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham’s inquiry into the Measurement and Outcome Based Funding in NSW Schools.

Last year, students who scored ATARs as low as 49.65 were admitted into universities.

Mr Latham told Ben Fordham the quality of teaching needs to be lifted to improve the education system.

“Your average NSW parent would be horrified to think that someone who absolutely flunked out in their year 12 marks could march back into the school a few years later as a teacher!

“It’s just not on.”

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“You’re having a big impact on Macquarie St,” Ben Fordham said.

“There are some people that go into those places and sit on their hands, you’re certainly not doing that.”