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Man wins prestigious award after freak accident in Bali changed his life forever

A man who was rendered a paraplegic after a freak accident in Bali has won a prestigious award.

In 2012, Tom Ross was on holiday with friends in Bali when the unthinkable happened.

He tells Alan Jones he doesn’t remember much from the night that changed his life forever.

“We were having some drinks on a balcony… at some point during the night, probably around 11 or midnight, I’ve either gone on a stroll and fallen off the side of the cliff or been mugged and thrown off.

“At about two in the morning, I woke up on a rooftop that I’d landed on… I couldn’t move my legs.”

Tom spent more than 10 hours screaming for help before recording final messages for his loved ones in case he didn’t make it.

He did survive that night and, fast forward to 2019, Tom and his wife Maddie have just won a prestigious award for their dog training business.

Alan Jones says Tom’s story is proof we should be focusing on ability, not disability.

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