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Listener says first responders should ‘stop whingeing’ about horror road toll

Mark Levy has received a disgraceful email attacking the men and women with the toughest job in the nation.

One listener emailed Mark regarding the media’s coverage of the tragic holiday road tolls saying, “the number of people killed is insignificant”.

Steven from Dee Why also goes on to say that police and ambulance members should “stop whingeing” about the tragic nature of their jobs. He directs the servicemen and women to instead “get another job.”

The email reads:

Mark, I don’t understand why the media gets so hysterical about the road toll when the number of people killed is insignificant. We have millions and millions of awful idiotic drivers on the roads so I would expect 10,000 deaths a year yet we have a hundred or two. That’s bloody good going. And please tell the police and ambulance workers that the nature of their job means they will have to see bad accidents. If they don’t like it then get another job but stop whinging about an aspect of your job that you do not like. I have aspects of my job I don’t like either but I don’t cry about it all the time.

Mark’s response comes as no surprise. He absolutely blasts Steven for his offensive and disrespectful comments.

“You’re offensive. You’re a goose. You’re a moron.

“How dare you say to the men and women of the police and ambulance service that turn up to crash sites, have to deal with the most awful things imaginable. I’m not talking about horror movies, I’m talking about worse.

“What do you do for a living Steve?”

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