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Lime Scooter rider flees after hitting a car — and police can’t do anything

A woman has had a Lime Scooter hit her car – and police can’t do anything.

The woman, named Zeik, was driving when the scooter slammed into her car, scratching up one side of it.

Compounding matters, the rider also fled the scene.

Zeik tells Chris Smith the police can’t track the rider down because they can’t be sure which particular scooter she was on, nor that the credit card attached to the account was hers.

Chris says it’s becoming a big problem, with a number of similar incidents happening in recent weeks.

“You’d think we would have learnt our lesson by now,” he said.

“These share bikes have enormous problems.

“It’s a disaster waiting to happen. In fact, it’s happening already.”

Gaius Whiffin from Turner Freeman lawyers tells Chris the system is a “legal minefield”.

“The law really hasn’t caught up with the number of vehicles that are on the roads these days,” Mr Whiffin said.

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Photo: Albert Perez / AAP

Chris Smith