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‘Leave the soldiers alone’, Mark Latham takes aim at army ban

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Mark Latham has taken aim at Defence Chief Angus Campbell’s decision to ban death-style iconography in the army, calling for soldiers to be left alone.

Symbols including the Spartans, skull and crossbones, and the Phantom or Punisher symbols have all been banned because they’re deemed to be at odds with “army values and the ethical force we seek to build and sustain”.

Mark is calling it out as “PC nonsense”.

“One of them that’s been banned is the Phantom from the comic books,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“When the head of army is at the point where he’s applying politically correct rules of censorship to comic book characters, we’ve lost the plot.”

Mark says he’s had feedback from diggers and veterans saying “morale is at an all-time low because of this.”

“Leave the soldiers alone. Let them get on with the job as they see fit and I don’t think you need this sort of PC nonsense.”

Mark has also slammed writer Catherine Deveny’s unbelievable attack on the ANZACs and their service.

“This is just bizarre left-wing rubbish she’s putting out there to draw some attention to herself in the sickest possible way,” Mark says.

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