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Afghanistan veteran continues attack on Defence Chief Angus Campbell

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The retired Australian soldier who sparked an avalanche of criticism towards incoming Defence Chief Angus Campbell is continuing his attack.

Former Sergeant Justin Huggett slammed a new directive banning death-style iconography in the army, in an open letter to General Campbell on social media.

“I found it so left of field and farcical, I thought it was actually a hoax? But now, I am just left wondering as to the levels of stupidity that this order can be interpreted or enforced.”

Since writing the post he’s received hundreds of messages of support from current and former defence personnel.

Symbols such as the Spartans and the grim reaper, skull and crossbones, and the Phantom or Punisher symbols have all been banned as part of the army dress code because they are supposedly at odds with “army values and the ethical force we seek to build and sustain”.

Justin phoned Ray Hadley to slam the decision as political correctness gone mad.

“I know there’s probably a lot of people in the public out there that are like, ‘these blokes are just making a massive mountain out of a molehill about this’ and I respect that.

“It’s about a pride thing, it’s about a history thing and it goes much deeper than that.

“I don’t look over the shoulder of my accountant when she’s doing my taxes and question her training and how she gets her job done. I’m just happy there’s a professional that can help me out when I need it.

“That’s what’s happened with the military. There’s too many do-gooders and lefties peering over the military fence and looking in to see what’s going on.

“You just need to trust that the young men and women of the Australian military do a magnificent job, we always have.

“Don’t question the way we provide that blanket of freedom for the country.”

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Image: Sergeant Justin Huggett in Afghanistan in 2011