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‘Leave the bastard there!’: Ray Hadley’s plan for Extinction Rebellion protester

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Ray Hadley says he has the perfect solution for a climate protester who has suspended himself from a bridge.

The Extinction Rebellion activist is hanging inside a hammock from the underside of Brisbane’s Story Bridge, as part of a week of action against climate change.

The people of Brisbane are fed up with the group’s antics and Ray has come up with a solution.

“If it’s not impacting on traffic, if it’s not impacting on craft below, leave the bastard there. Just leave him there.

“He can hang there for a day, a week, a month, I don’t care.

“Eventually he’ll grow tired of his stupidity.

“If he wants to swing in the hammock for the rest of the day and think he’s on a Fijian island somewhere, well then swing in the hammock.”

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Ray also spoke with Macquarie National News reporters Helene Lambetsos and Jarryd Braybrook, who are covering the Sydney and Brisbane protests.

While activists continue to cause chaos in Brisbane, the Sydney group is now peacefully protesting in a park after 38 arrests were made yesterday.

Ray says Queensland Police should be taking some pointers from their NSW counterparts on how to handle the situation.

“It’s very simple, compare Helene’s report with Jarryd’s report.

“They got a tickle up yesterday, the coppers threw them in the back of wagons and said get off our streets.

“What could have been hours of disruption to motorists and people in the CBD turned into minutes because, some would say, they were heavy-handed.

“Good! Get off our streets you dopes.

“Then you’ve got in Brisbane, because the Annastacia Palaszczuk government is so scared of the Left and the Greens, we’ve got no action.”

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