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League Club chairman’s alleged lewd behaviour towards women

Canterbury League Club chairman George Coorey is being accused of alleged lewd behaviour towards women.

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald by investigative journalist Kate McClymont, four women went to Lynne Anderson, the chairwoman of the Bulldogs football club to complain about the alleged inappropriate behavior.

Ms McClymont told Jim Wilson from there it seems Ms Anderson “did her best” with an independent inquiry.

However, Ms McClymont said the women don’t feel confident to make formal statements.

“One of them said, ‘look we’re housewives, we’re nobodies. These are powerful men.’

“One of them got a message from an associate of Mr Coorey’s saying ‘had she checked her airbags’: this was after the women went to see Lynne Anderson.

“Today the League club board has come out and said once again, our hands are tied … unless these people are prepared to put their name to a statement; nothing to see here.”

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