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Land of love cracks down on age-old gesture

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New laws have been passed in France which will see men fined for wolf whistling or commenting on a woman’s appearance.

Men caught engaging in the behaviour could be fined upwards of $1,000.

Smithy’s All-Star Prue MacSween says the laws passed in the land of love are “just bizarre”.

“Isn’t that all part of the beautiful… flavour of romance that people do flirt and men do ask you out for coffee?” Prue asks Chris Smith.

“If I was wolf whistled, I used to think, ‘oh thank you!’ I used to walk past a few times. It used to give me a real shot in the arm.”

Prue is calling out how women are painted as “being the victims”.

“I’m not talking about situations where women are made to feel threatened and harassed.

“A wolf whistle is different to someone who’s following you or comes and sits too close to you on a train.”

Prue also gives her thoughts on the upcoming royal nuptials and weighs in on whether Prince Harry will shave off his beard.

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