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Labor MP pushing for early election as Prime Minister has ‘no authority at all’

A Labor front-bencher is pushing for an early election to be called, saying Prime Minister Scott Morrison doesn’t hold authority in his own party.

Mr Morrison has ruled out calling an early election if the government loses the Wentworth by-election in October.

But Shadow Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese tells Ben Fordham we should be going to the polls sooner rather than later.

He says the Coalition is still in crisis despite a change of leadership three weeks ago.

“Quite clearly the government has stopped being able to function.

“This week, we saw a government that wasn’t pursuing its legislation, it wasn’t pursuing policies. It was pursuing vendettas within the government.”

Mr Albanese is referring to a tweet posted by the former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull which reignited questions about Peter Dutton’s eligibility to sit in parliament.

Ben is quick to point out that Labor hasn’t been without their own leadership troubles and Mr Albanese admits they made a mistake turfing Kevin Rudd in 2010.

“Certainly, we did the wrong thing in 2010 when we removed an elected prime minister in his first term and we suffered for it.

“The Australian people should get a say in who the prime minister is, which is why the sensible thing is to go to an election.”

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Mr Albanese claims the current Prime Minister has “no authority in the show at all”.

He says this is proven by the fact that Mr Morrison backed Wentworth candidate Katherine O’Regan, who proved unpopular in a pre-selection battle overnight.