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Labor MP gives his own rendition of The Muppet Show introduction

A Labor MP has attempted his own rendition of The Muppet Show introduction.

But it’s gone down like a lead balloon.

The federal member for Bruce Julian Hill won the election 2016, replacing the previous member Alan Griffin.

“I’ve never heard of the bloke,” says Ray Hadley.

He’s a bachelor of science, majoring in chemistry and a bachelor of law.

“He’s got that ideal pedigree to be a Labor member, but he’s tried to have a bit of fun, and it’s sort of.. fallen flat.

“He has talked his way through his rendition of The Mupper Show introduction.

“You can see him agonisingly remember his rehearsed lines, but in terms of a performance, I’m sorry Jullian Hill, it’s a zero out of ten.”

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