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Millions left without Return and Earn machines

Almost three months into the botched roll-out of the Return and Earn scheme, NSW Government is still fumbling to get it right.

2.5 million Sydneysiders still don’t have a reverse vending machine in their area despite Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton promising 800 machines as the backbone of the scheme.

Yesterday, Minister Upton released a press release boasting 100 million drink containers had been returned, but Mark Levy highlighted the inaccuracy.

The Minister’s office was quick to fix the error, but the mistake is typical of the scheme which has been plagued with problems since its inception last year.

Mark Levy speaks with NSW Shadow Environment Minister, Penny Sharpe.

“The government promised there would be 800 machines in place by the end of February, we’re not even halfway there.

“Labor supports the container scheme, but we’re just furious about the way in which government’s rolled it out.

“The Minister’s just blundered ahead and really just left consumers with a huge bill.”

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