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‘Just makes no sense!’: Labor MP blasts new coal-fired power project

The shadow resources minister argues there’s no need to build a new coal-fired power plant in regional Queensland.

$4 million is being allocated for a study to determine whether the facility in Collinsville would be financially viable.

Federal government MP’s are divided over the future of coal with a number of Liberals arguing taxpayers should not be subsidising new coal plants.

Federal Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon believes Australia should protect the coal-mining industry but tells Alan Jones the future of the energy sector is not clear enough to invest in a new coal-fired generator.

“I don’t believe anyone will build a new coal-fired generator in Australia. I just don’t think the return is there.

“If it’s such a great project, and it’s so attractive to investors, why do we need taxpayers to spend $4 million to prove its viability? That just makes no sense, Alan!”

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Image: Getty/Alexandros Maragos