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‘Just keep your distance’: Health Minister’s stern warning to NSW residents

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard has delivered a stern reminder of the need to maintain social distancing.

Victorians received a rollicking today from their Premier after it was revealed the majority of infected people failed to immediately self-isolate when they got sick.

Mr Hazzard warned NSW is not immune to complacency, and recent cases of community transmission in pubs and restaurants should give us cause for vigilance.

“The virus is amongst us, it’s around, and we all need to be cautious,” he told Jim Wilson.

“What I would say to our community here in NSW is please don’t forget, it can be a very, very dangerous virus.

“Just keep your distance. You can enjoy each other’s company: stay very careful.”

Jim has been advocating for mandatory mask wearing on public transport, and inquired as to whether the Health Minister would support such a move.

Mr Hazzard said the medical advice is evolving, and won’t rule out a future mandate.

“Certainly if I were getting on a bus I would … wear a mask.

“Let’s just see how things evolve.”

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Image: Nine News