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Just as share bikes cycle away, dockless scooters could be wheeling in

Just when we thought the share bike shamble was cycling out of our lives, a new company could be wheeling its way in.

Share bike companies ofo and Reddy Go are on their way out, their decision coming just weeks after the state government announced it was planning to fine companies over dumped bikes.

But dockless scooters could be on the agenda, as US-based company LimeBike looks to expand its operations Down Under.

They may, however, come up against the law of the land. Both New South Wales and Victoria outlaw “powered foot scooters”.

Waverly Mayor John Wakefield tells Ben Fordham if scooters plague Sydney streets they’ll be swiftly impounded.

“Hopefully these operators that come in will have learned a lesson from the dockless bike operators.

“We won’t be mucking around this time. We don’t need legal advice to know we can impound their property, their scoters in this case, if they’re left unattended, if they’re blocking footpaths.

“We will move to impound them if they’re a problem, I send that warning loud and clear now.”

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