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Junior footy players could be penalised for winning by too much

Junior AFL teams could be punished for winning games by too many points.

AFL Queensland is considering a series of rules where teams who win by too great a margin will be hit by a point deduction depending on their margin of victory.

The E-Point system would see teams which score 150 points more than the opposition deducted 3 points.

A team which won a match with no deductions would be awarded 8 premiership points.

Child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg tells Luke Grant the rule is ridiculous.

“I don’t like this rule, I don’t think life works this way. I think it’s lulling kids into a false sense of security.

“I think it’s part of the wussification of an entire generation.

“A good thrashing on the football field is probably quite character building for the team.”

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Image: Getty/Cameron Spencer