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Judge goes soft on man who allegedly bashed veteran on ANZAC Day

The latest bail decision by a “notorious” magistrate on the far north coast of New South Wales has Ray Hadley “blue in the face”.

A man who allegedly bashed and robbed an Afghanistan and Iraq war veteran at Nimbin on Anzac Day and then allegedly assaulted the arresting police officer has been granted bail.

Ty Rodda was paying his respects at the Nimbin cenotaph when he was approached from behind by three men, allegedly knocked unconscious, robbed and left with fractures to his cheek and eye socket.

Police found one of the alleged attackers, 31-year-old Jake Norman Neil Walker, a week later but were allegedly assaulted as they tried to arrest him.

Walker faced Lismore Court on Monday, charged with aggravated robbery, grievous bodily harm and assaulting a police officer.

Magistrate David Heilpern granted Walker conditional bail, claiming his substance abuse was a matter for rehab.

This isn’t the first time Magistrate Heilpern’s decisions have come under fire.

He’s consistently granted bail to drug users, robbers and even dismissed a man’s fine for failing to vote because the man said voting would’ve left him feeling “morally corrupt”.

“He’s notorious with police on the far north coast of New South Wales,” says Ray.

“From what I’ve heard he’s a really weird cat as well.”

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