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Man wins legal battle over not voting in 2016 election

An extraordinary decision has opened up the gates for voluntary voting to be made legal.

Adam Easton won a legal battle in a NSW court after being fined for not voting in the July 2016 federal election, saying voting made him feel morally corrupt.

Magistrate David Heilpern dismissed the charge after Eastern successfully relied on a section of the Commonwealth Electoral Act concerning religious freedom.

An agnostic, Eastern convinced the magistrate he didn’t believe God, but in freedom which formed the basis of his moral framework.

Senator David Leyonhjelm has consistently championed a libertarian view and he speaks with Michael McLaren about the decision.

“I was pretty pleased to see this guy succeed with an argument.

“In fact, Australia’s really unusual in the world in requiring people to vote.

“There are several arguments I get when I push this optional voting idea in Canberra.

“Nearly all of them push back.. because for somehow or other they think they’re going to be the losers.”

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