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EXCLUSIVE | John Howard hits back at Rudd, defending Iraq decision

Former Prime Minister John Howard is defending his decision to send Australian troops into Iraq, amid criticism from another former PM.

Former Labor leader Kevin Rudd has marked the 15-year anniversary of the start of the Iraq war by slamming Mr Howard’s decision to send troops.

He’s labelled the decision a “great failure” of Australian foreign policy.

John Howard gives his response to Ben Fordham, telling him the former PM is wrong.

“Mr Rudd has largely attacked me over Iraq, and wrongly, again, accused me of deliberately misleading the Australian people.

“Obviously when you make a decision, you don’t have available to you events that unfold.

“When you’re asked to comment on the actions of former government, the only honest way you can address that issue is to put yourself in the shoes of the government at the time.

“This claim… that we lied to the Australian public; it was false when it was first made by him, it remains false.”

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