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Jim Molan defends MP caught encouraging people to vote below the line

Senator Jim Molan has come out in defence of a Liberal MP who was recorded telling a woman she could vote below the line for Mr Molan.

The Nationals are reportedly livid that some Liberals are encouraging people to vote below the line for Molan, who has been relegated to the unwinnable fourth position on the Coalition Senate ticket.

MP for Bennelong John Alexander has been caught up in the controversy, after he was recorded responding to a woman who asked him how she should vote in the Senate.

He gives her a how-to-vote card and says she should follow it unless she wants to vote for Jim Molan below the line.

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But Mr Molan tells Chris Smith the MP didn’t do anything wrong, and the whole encounter seems like a set-up.

“I reckon, Chris, that was the greatest gotcha that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

“John was doing what he should do for the party.

“What more would you expect from the Labor Party and the Greens three days out from the 18th?”

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