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‘It’s not Fraser Anning who should be in the dock but the fakes and the phonies’

Alan Jones has launched a stinging attack on the Australian Parliament over yesterday’s “contrived indignation” against Fraser Anning.

The Katter’s Australian Party senator has been hung, drawn and quartered over his maiden speech to Parliament which called for a complete ban on Muslim immigration and contained the phrase “final solution”.

Both sides of politics chastised Mr Anning, claiming he was referencing Hitler’s “final solution” that led to the Holocaust.

The Queensland Senator insisted yesterday that context never once crossed his mind.

Alan Jones says Fraser Anning is free “to make a fool of himself” but the bigger crime is the fake outrage from our nation’s leaders.

“I’m telling you, as sure as my name is Alan Jones, that these people, whether they’re Turnbull or Shorten or Frecklington or that dumbbell McCormack, they would never have known these two words had some identification or association with Hitler until someone dragged it out of a dusty history book.

“Here are people with their contrived indignation wasting half a day in the national parliament when cattle are dying, farmers are taking their lives, people are on the streets and homeless, others are being taxed to the eyeballs, the government is surrendering energy policy to the United Nations, they’ve signed a national economic suicide note, they’ve surrendered migration policy to the United Nations and we’re worried about what an independent senator from the Gulf country of Queensland had to say.

“It’s not Fraser Anning who should be in the dock but the fakes and the phonies who, with their contrived indignation, are making a bigger fool of themselves than Fraser Anning ever could.”

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