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‘The safest thing for Australians is that we don’t have any of them’: Senator stands by anti-Muslim speech

Senator Fraser Anning is standing by his maiden speech to Parliament in which he praised the white Australia policy and referenced “the final solution”.

The Katter’s Australian Party senator called for a ban on all Muslim immigration, saying it’s “the safest thing for Australians”.

Mr Anning tells Alan Jones some of his comments were taken out of context but insists we must stop those who practice Islam from being allowed into the country.

“Look if you can tell me which ones are not going to cause us harm, then fine, that’d be great.

“But unfortunately if you have a jar of jelly beans and three of them are poisonous, you’re not going to try any of them.

“I’m afraid that the Muslims, as a group, there’s going to be three or four or five per cent that are going to mean us harm.

“Because I can’t tell who’s who, I think the safest thing for Australians is that we don’t have any of them.”

The senator has also been condemned for using the term “the final solution”, which was used by Hitler to describe the extermination of Jews.

Mr Anning insists that context never crossed his mind.

“The thought police jumped on that. I hadn’t even though about it.

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