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‘It’s always controversial when you talk common sense’: Nigel Farage heading to Australia

Chief Brexiteer cheerleader, Nigel Farage, is heading to Australia for a much-anticipated speaking tour.

Mr Farage is co-founder and long-serving leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). He was the face of the successful campaign to take the UK out of the European Union in the 2016 Brexit referendum. He is also noted for his sometimes controversial speeches.

“It’s always controversial when you talk common sense,” says Alan Jones.

He will now head down-under for an Australian tour titled ‘An Entertaining Evening with Nigel Farage’, starting in Perth on Sunday, September 2.

“Here I’ve got a conservative party tearing itself to bits… I mean real, real problems. And maybe even a constitutional crisis coming this autumn,” Mr Farage tells Alan.

“So I thought I’d come to Australia for a week to get a nice bit of peace and quiet.”

“I’ve got news for you!” says Alan.

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Mr Farage admits despite the divide he has observed stark similarities between the issues in Australian politics and those back in the UK.

“Isn’t it funny that many of the issues that have driven this huge wedge within the Australian Liberal Party… the echoes are so familiar for me here.”

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