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‘It makes me white hot with rage’: Steve Price slams ‘national laughing stock’

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Steve Price has slammed the Greens party after a senator labelled the government as “a bunch of arsonists”.

Yesterday, enraged WA Greens Senator Jordon Steele-John accused the government of being responsible for the devastating bushfires and ignoring calls on climate change policy.

Greens MP Adam Bandt has blamed the unprecedented bushfires and “catastrophic” fire risk on climate change as well.

But Steve says it is the policies of the Greens which are stopping Australians from keeping their properties safe from fires.

“The federal Greens, the likes of Adam Bandt, Richard di Natale… and this jerk from WA, have seized upon the misery and loss of Queenslanders, and the NSW rural communities, like seagulls onto hot chips.

“The Greens are an inner-city party of climate change alarmists who used to stand up for the environment.

“They’ve turned their backs on that cause and they champion the locking up of vast national parks which are not maintained and are the fuel for many of these fires.

“I’m sorry to be so angry but it makes me white-hot with rage the way that these people carry on!

“That party has become a national laughing stock.”

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