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Is this the answer to cracking down on welfare rorters?

This financial year alone the government will spend more than a third of its budget on social security and welfare.

That’s a cost of $164 billion.

The measures to crack down on welfare rorts don’t go far enough, Ben Fordham says.

There’s one idea that’s gaining traction and it’s been floated by Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of Grameen Bank, Muhammad Yunus.

Muhammad says there should be an expiry date on welfare for those who seek to abuse it.

“People get puzzled because it’s always considered welfare is a kind of one-way traffic,” he tells Ben Fordham.

“People don’t consider that they’re good enough to come out. I protest that.

“The policymakers should keep in mind that there should be an expiry date.”

When it comes to generational reliance on welfare, Muhammad is especially vocal.

“You have generation after generation on welfare, that’s a bad thing. It kills the society.”

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